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Saturday, January 2, 2010

A slow start...

I had hoped to start off the new year with a bang - literally! - by firing a gun as the first item that I accomplish, but I ran into a couple of snags. So, I have to be a little patient, which I'm not very good at! My stepdad has a gun that I can use, but the people who we know who have a lot of land are out of town and the public gun range was closed for the holiday. I'm hoping to be able to do it next Sunday though. Until then, I've sent an interest form to Habitat for Humanity to volunteer with them. Also, I sat down today and listed the amounts that I owe for each of my credit cards so that I know what I'm aiming for.

Tomorrow, I'm going to write letters to the people who have inspired me (Oprah, Sarah ban Breathnach, and Barbara Ann Kipfer) and to my favorite authors (Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and Jodi Picoult) and put them in hand-made thank you cards to be mailed on Monday. So, even though I didn't get to start exactly the way that I had hoped, I will be able to check off two of my items after tomorrow!

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