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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Letters are written!

My hand is killing me! In the days of emails (and blogs!), it's so much faster (and less painful!) to type everything, that writing six letters in one day has me using muscles that my hand forgot it had! But they are done and I think the personal touch of hand-written notes in hand-made cards is much better than sending an email. They go out in the mail tomorrow and, if I am lucky enough to get any responses, I'll be sure to share them on here!


  1. awesome start peggy d... take photos of your finished challenges!! visuals are fun too!! let me know wh9ich ones you need help with- bonus: hula'd onstage in hawaii... check!!

  2. No pics of the hula-ing! No need for that visual! I do plan to take pics as I go along though! I didn't think pics of letters would be too exciting, but most of the items on the list will make good photo ops!