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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ate BBQ at the Original Arthur Bryant's in Kansas City, Missouri!!

My daughter and I were heading to Topeka, Kansas and, when I realized how close we would be to Kansas City, I just had to take the opportunity to cross off another item on my list and eat at the Original Arthur Bryant's restaurant! (There are a couple of locations in Kansas, but it had to be the original in Missouri!)

It was packed when we got there a little before noon, and the line was out the door by the time we got our food and found seats! When we first walked in, we weren't too impressed. The place is old, outdated, and had an odd smell. But the food was really good, especially the ribs!! They were, by far, the best ribs I've ever had! And that's saying something because Texas has some great BBQ!! However, if I ever go back, it will definitely be to one of the newer locations!

Pointed to a place on a map and went there!

During last school year, I closed my eyes and my students spun me around in front of a map of the United States. The first two tries, I ended up in the oceans, but on the third try, I landed on Topeka, Kansas! Of all places!!

It was about 6 months before I finally made it there in person, but my daughter and I spent the day in Topeka on the Friday after Thanksgiving. I can't say that it was anything special, but we enjoyed ourselves!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Roared at the Ocean!

Standing on the shore and roaring at the ocean on my trip didn't feel right because it was too calm and beautiful. So, instead, I had ended up having a big argument with the person I was traveling with and decided to yell at the ocean from the balcony of our stateroom at night because I wouldn't be heard by others on the ship over the loud music, strong winds, engine noise, and noise of the waves. It helped to be angry for this one because yelling like that isn't something that I feel comfortable doing. But, part of the point of this blog is to get out of my comfort zone!

Message in a Bottle Sent!!

While I was on my cruise this last week, I went to Jamaica and Grand Cayman. I bought a cute little bottle with a cork in Jamaica that had sand and shells in it. I emptied the contents into a little baggie and wrote a note about sending it for this blog with the blog info and my email, so that if it's found the person(s) can contact me and let me know. I threw it into the Atlantic Ocean between the two islands while standing on the balcony of our stateroom at night, so I wouldn't be seen!