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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Here we go!

Happy New Year! 40 items for my 40th year!!

After reading through the 6,000 ideas in The Wish List by Barbara Ann Kipfer, and adding some of the ideas I already had...drum roll, please!...Here's the list! (I was very surprised to discover that Ms. Kipfer called the items in her book a to do list for life! Apparently, we think a lot alike, but I swear I came up with that idea before I ever even opened her book!) By the way, the list is in no particular order of when the items will be accomplished! Each will just happen as time and finances allow. And, if by chance I'm able to finish the entire list before the end of the year, then I will add some items to finish out the year! :)

(Done!)1. Volunteer at an animal shelter.
(Done!)2. Volunteer at a soup kitchen.
3. Deliver fresh flowers to a nursing home.
4. Read the complete works of Shakespeare.
(Done!)5. Trace my family tree.
6. Make charcoal rubbings of stones in a ghost town graveyard.
(Done! Sort of!)7. Take the train into New Orleans across Lake Pontchartrain on what was once the longest train bridge in the world.
8. Sell my crafts at a craft fair or online.
(Done!)9. Swim in a pool on a cruise ship.
(Done!)10. Stand on the shore and roar back at the ocean as loud as I can.
*(Done!)11. Sleep in a canopied four-poster bed. (Substituted for ride a fire engine.)
(Done!)12. Visit a new museum each month.
(Done!)13. Overtip.
(Done!)14. Attend the Texas State Fair in Dallas, the largest fair in the country.
15. Attain my official "ideal weight".
(Done!)16. Swim with dolphins.
17. Visit George Washington's home at Mount Vernon.
18. See the statue of Edgar Allen Poe in the Bronx, New York.
(Done!)19. Write a thank you letter to someone who influenced me.
(Done!)20. Write a fan letter to my favorite living author.
(Done!)21. Put a message in a bottle and float it out to sea.
(Done!)22. Go to the movies solo.
(Done!)23. Close my eyes, point to a place on a map, and go there.
(Done!)24. Sponsor a needy child.
(Done!)25. Get a professional facial.
(Done!)26. View the Perseid meteor shower in August.
(Done!)27. Eat barbecue at Arthur Bryant's in Kansas City.
28. Visit the site of the witch trials in Salem.
(Done!)29. Wear a propeller beanie for a day.
(Done!)30. Volunteer at a hospice.
(Done!)31. Eat beignets at the Cafe du Monde in New Orleans.
(Done!)32. Bake two dozen chocolate chip cookies and drop them off at a firehouse.
(Done!)33. Wear a gardenia in my hair for a day.
34. Browse through Moe's Bookstore in Berkeley.
(Done!)35. Attend a poetry reading.
36. Visit Bodie ghost town in CA.
(Done!)37. Have my palm read.
(Done!)38. Fire a gun.
39. Ride a Segway.
(Done!)40. Pay the highway toll for the car behind me.


  1. I was quite surprised with some of your goals. I think this is an interesting way to get to know someone and whats important to them. I can't picture you riding a mechanical bull! Have you gone a bit country? Ha Ha!

    Have you seen The Bucket List movie? Your list reminded me of that and I think I might start my own list.

    One of the radio stations here ran a program called Kindness Card. Its a card you can print and hand out as you are doing a random act of kindness. I paid for someone's order in a McDonald's drive thru. I could tell from the rear-view mirror she was quite surprised and pleased. It was a good feeling. Your list has a lot of those acts of kindness. I'm sure you will feel a sense of satisfaction that you have made someones day that much brighter when you accomplish those goals.

    I will send you some info on my recent experiences with The Queen Mary and cruise ships.

    One of my vacation goals is to visit Texas. Maybe I will come see you sometime! Yee-haw!!

  2. Hi Tricia! No! I haven't gone even a little bit country! LOL! Riding a mechanical bull sounds like fun, but I'd never be interested in riding a real one!

    Yes, the book The Wish List reminded me a bit of the movie The Bucket List, too. I sure wish I had the funding that they had in that movie! I'd have a much bigger and more exciting list!! But, I prefer to be my age rather than being near death, so I'll take having many more years over having the money!

    I love the Kindness Card idea! That was great of you to do! Thanks for the cruise information and I would love it if you come to Texas to visit!