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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bi-weekly Drawing to start on April 1st!! (Please read!!)

In an effort to get more people to sign up as followers, I have been searching for ideas and found an article that suggested giving items away. I thought that was a great idea! So, I'm going to assign numbers to each of my followers a number and draw a number every two weeks. Then I'll post the name of the winner on my blog for the person to contact me for their prize. However, I am also trying to get my current followers to check back more often for new info, therefore if I haven't heard from the winner before the next drawing, I'll draw a new name for that prize. Also, if someone signs up as a follower and sends me a message that one of my followers recommended they check out my blog, I'll add an extra slip in the drawing for the person who referred my blog! I'll do that for each person who is referred and all of the slips will stay in the drawing until the end of the year. You will be able to win more than one and you definitely want to have as many slips in the drawing as possible for the end of the year drawing because I plan to do something special for that one!!

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