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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Overtip - check!

Taylor and I had a really nice waitress at lunch today. Her name is Hannah and she took the time to answer our questions and give us directions to a couple of places we wanted to go. She just pulled up and chair, and when I couldn't find my phone to look something up on the internet, she pulled out hers and looked up the information for us. I've been wanting to overtip someone who really deserved it and she sure did! She also showed us a pic of her that she had just taken with Liv Tyler this morning because she's in town filming a movie. Pretty cool day for Hannah! I wish I could have afforded a huge tip, but I did give her almost $20, which is quite a bit more than the $5 that I would usually leave. I'll be adding her pic when I get home, too, because it's another one that is on my daughter's camera. Thankfully, my camera appears to be working again and hopefully it will continue to do so!!

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