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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A couple of bonus firsts!!

My daughter, Taylor, and I are on our first trip that is just the two of us and we're having a blast! We're spending a couple of days in Baton Rouge and New Orleans. I have been planning to do some of the items on my list on this trip, but then I realized that the trip itself is a first because she and I have always had someone accompany us on our trips. Also, we have never ordered room service before, so we did that last night! (See pics of my excited daughter!) We're also staying in our first suite tonight. I'll have to add pics of that when we get back from our trip because my camera started giving me trouble this afternoon and my daughter didn't bring the cord to hook her camera up to the computer.

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  1. doing good mama... looks like you and taylor are conquering the list but more importantly having fun!!! xo -sue =)