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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bought Lunch for a Family

Yesterday, I took my mom and some of my students to the Pottery Cafe and we stopped at McDonald's for ice cream cones on the way home. There was a couple with three young kids who were filling up on soda because they didn't have enough money for food. One of the kids was actually eating ketchup! The father had asked for money from the man in the next booth, but they didn't come over to us. I wasn't happy with what I saw because the parents conveniently had money for cigarettes, cell phones, and for the mother to get her nails done. But as I was leaving, they all looked so pathetic that I decided to send my students back in to give them money for food. The girls went in and told the family that there teacher was giving them $20 and stressed that it was for FOOD. Then the girls even went to the bathroom before coming back out to the car to stall for time to make sure the family got in line to order before we left. They crack me up! I know I can't do much to help people who can't make good choices for themselves - and I am far from perfect in that regard! - but it was a beautiful day and we were having a great time. I just hope that I brightened up their day somewhat.

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  1. How nice of you to do that for them. I hope the did buy food with the money. That would be pretty sad to see a family treat material things more importantly than feeding their family. I was asked for money one time outside a Jack In the Box and was skeptical about giving the guy money that he wanted for food. He also seemed to be well-off enough (he had decent clothes and a cell phone) I originally said no to him, but then as I was inside, I changed my mind, but instead of money, I bought the item he said he wanted and handed the food to him instead of cash. I still wasn't sure whether he was just scamming me, but when people ask for food or look like they need it, it seems hard to pass up on helping.