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Friday, April 9, 2010

What do you want to do before you die?

I just finished watching Oprah and she had the guys from the MTV show The Buried Life. The guys on the show are doing a similar list to what I'm doing, but there are four of them and they are trying to complete a list of 100 things. That only works out to 25 items each. I think they have an unfair advantage over me! Ha ha! Plus, they are all young and single and without the responsibilities of full-time jobs and kids. I found myself both jealous (because they have a tv show!) and inspired by some of their stories because they help others to achieve their dreams, too. And I love their persistence!

So, now I'd love to hear from others about what they want to accomplish in their lives! What dreams do you have? If we share our dreams, we might be able to link up people that can help each other make out dreams come true!!


  1. i was watching oprah too and when she asked that to kenny chensey my answer was instant... i want to go to australia and new zealand. i need to read up on your blog and i am so proud of you... because of you i saw my first movie alone in a very long time. it was actually one of the best things i have done in a while- it was my dad's 7 year death day and i was feeling blue and he took us to see the orig clash of the titans movie forever ago. so i thought how perfect-- so with my dad in my heart and my bag of popcorn, i went and saw the remake-- i smiled on the inside. no more gloom. thanks peggy for the courage. xoxoxoxo -sue =)

  2. Before I die, I want to make a difference in the world through loving others. I want to love the unloveables. I would like to go into prisons and visit someone and let them know they are not garbage or forgotten. Yes, people make bad choices, but that does not mean they cannot be loved.

    You also have love for others. I am thankful you are my friend! You teach me all the time through your example. The things you do in secret..or without bragging about show your great love and compassion toward others...especially your students.

  3. I don't think the younger kids really appreciate the wish list as much as we do.... meaning the MTV kids. I have started my list as you know...first is to become fluent in Spanish!! :)