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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Thank you, Sue!

Hi Sue!

Thank you SO much for sharing not only your dream of what you want to do, but also for letting me know about going to the movie in memory of your dad. I think that was such a neat way to remember a special time with him! I really appreciate your support and was touched by what you said. I have had a few others say that they have been inspired to start their own lists. My principal's third grade daughter even told her that they should start a list when they checked out my blog one day! As great as it is to be doing this list to build my own experiences, it is amazing to hear from others about their thoughts, too!

So, what's stopping you from going to Australia and New Zeland? Those are two places that I want to go, too, so if you need a travel companion, let me know!! :)


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  1. so awhile back i saw an internet article of stuff you should try before you get married/have kids or if you already are to try and do w/o them. The list had stuff like go to movies alone, travel abroad, get a stamp in your passport, etc...
    I am going on a girls only cruise to the Bahamas. I will let you know how it goes.
    Good luck everyone on your lists!