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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Yikes!! I REALLY need to lose weight!

I went to a holiday party tonight and for the first time in my life, I was asked when I was due! (I do carry all of my extra weight around my middle, so it's an understandable mistake.) I just said, I'm not pregnant, just fat! I tried to make light of it so neither of us would feel too uncomfortable because she is a very nice person. Thankfully, that was my last holiday party for awhile and my stair stepper machine arrived today! I have to do a little bit of assembling to it and it's a pretty basic machine, but I couldn't afford that much and needed something that didn't take up much space in my small apartment. Starting tomorrow, I'm going to start putting on music, audiobook, movie, or TED Talks each day and go for as long as I can! My next goal is to find some good exercise videos online for free. When I have a little more money, I'll buy a small set of weights, too! I do NOT like being mistaken for a very pregnant woman! And do not want it to ever happen again!

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