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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Working on Losing the Weight!

While I can't afford to do some of the things on my list, such as travel, at the moment, I can work on getting down to my ideal weight. As much as I hate to admit this, I've needed to lose about 30 pounds for the last 8 years. My weight and bad eating habits have resulted in my developing Type II Diabetes about 5 years ago and I've already begun to feel some symptoms of the disease. Since being prescribed medications a few years ago, I haven't been good about taking them at all. At 42, having some kidney failure already and pain in my legs is pretty scary! I'm really hoping that my life is only about half over and I really need to take better care of myself to be able to make it that long. I've started using Sensa, which one of my friends used so successfully that she is now one of their spokespeople! I was bummed to find out that the apartment complex I moved into doesn't have a workout room. So, I'm going to have to buy some workout stuff on credit. Now that my daughter has moved out, I have room for some workout equipment. The equipment will be my Xmas present to myself! I also bought myself a pill container that I can put a week's worth of pills in. I had resisted doing this for a long time because I have always equated those containers with old people. But it took for too long each day to open each separate container when I was getting ready in the morning and I constantly forgot to take the pills that I'm supposed to take before bed. Now, it only takes a couple of seconds to open the lid on the container for that day of the week and I keep the container on my nightstand so that I remember to take the evening pills, too. My goal is to weigh 130 pounds by June 30, 2012. That will be a little over four pounds a month, which is very realistic. Time to order that workout equipment!

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